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We design websites from the first sketches and ideas to their final web presence on the internet. Once the content and navigation have been clarified, the technical implementation of the final draft begins and the site is transferred to a server for actual display on the web. The initial filling begins step by step and after the content has been approved, your site will officially go online. ​
In the first conversation, we first clarify the visual, functional and structural design with the help of a checklist. Questions are clarified here as to whether a web shop should be operated on the site, or in which languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish …) communication will take place. From a data protection point of view, it is also important whether you want to use email as a form with registration or just a link to the email program. You should also clarify in advance who will maintain the website in the future and on which server it will be placed. Other points to be clarified are directions as a sketch for download or with Google Maps, or necessary special pages such as press/downloads/jobs/career. If an intranet with log-in/registration is necessary, this should also be clear in advance, as the programming system depends on it. ​
Other desired pages/functions (usually in the footer) would be a newsletter, sitemap, FAQ, glossary/links, legal information, links to social networks, etc. – imprint, data protection notice, disclaimer are mandatory. By the way, the mobile version of the website for smartphones and tablets is included.